Monday, January 23, 2012

Giving literacy help

   I've written about getting help when you or someone you know can't read, but the flip side is to give help.
In a previous post I cite, which states that 63 million adults in the U.S. over 16 years of age can't understand a newspaper article written at the eighth grade level. It goes on to say that this accounts for 29 percent of the adult population. The story gets worse. "An additional 30 million — 14 percent of the country’s adult population — can only read at a fifth grade level or lower."
   However, this means 71 percent of the adult population is literate. That's a lot of people who can give help. Where to go to volunteer your services?

  1) Your local literacy council. No need to have a teaching certificate. The councils offer training sessions.
  2) Community colleges. I received an email asking for volunteers to tutor students who are studying for their
      GED or are having problems with the courses they are taking.
  3) Nonprofit agencies. Hope Harbor Home, the Brunswick County, N.C. agency that assists victims of
      domestic abuse, has women in the shelter who are struggling to make a new life for themselves. Most
      do not have a high school diploma.
   4) Churches. Many churches have immigrants who do not know English and would appreciate some
       assistance in learning it. Some offer GED help.
   Any of these places welcome volunteers.

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