Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finding literacy help

Literacy, especially adult literacy, is a special interest of mine. I understand the importance of reading as most of us do. The problem, though, is how to find help. Most U.S. born adults who are illiterate are embarrassed at their inability to read and won't ask for help. However, they get through life by being enabled by those who love them.

People from other countries may not know where or how to find help.

It is imperative for people to be aware of others who need help. What can we do?

1) Encourage high school dropouts to get their GED and help them find a program suitable for them. Literacy councils abound. Do a google search to find out where a literacy council exists in your area. I have access to two literacy councils: Brunswick County Literacy Council in Supply, N.C. and Horry County Literacy Council in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The Horry County council has six branches throughout the county. In addition, churches and their clergy offer assistance. Seaside United Methodist Church in Sunset Beach, N.C. displays a GED sign on its grounds. Community colleges offer programs.

2) Volunteer at schools to help students improve their reading skills. I see notices in newspapers for volunteers and I receive emails asking for volunteers. No teaching experience is necessary.

3) Visit Web sites and blogs that offer tips on literacy. One comprehensive site is It has a massive amount of information.

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