Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21, 2009-Life As Lenke

Lenke Brown turns 88 on Sept. 26 and proves that publishing is possible at any age. She tells her life story in “Life As Lenke,” a self-published book that became available in May 2009. Lenke is one of those fascinating people who helps you realize you can survive hardships, learn anything you want to and accomplish your goals.
She still plays golf, a sport she took up in her late 50s. She learned to play chess after she married Larry Brown when she was 56. As a child she was deathly afraid of deep water, but as an adult she learned to water ski. She grew up in Hungary, escaped that country during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and immigrated to America. She learned English, opened her own tailor shop and was a successful businesswoman. She’s lived in Connecticut and Nevada and now lives in North Carolina.
Larry urged Lenke to write her autobiography, and her good friend Maureen Woods made it possible. Lenke recited her memories on audio tapes and Maureen transcribed them.
The book is worth reading because the reader:

► sees fortitude in action
► is inspired to accomplish long-sought goals
► develops a deeper appreciation for freedom
► is amazed at the anecdote about Frank Sinatra

Maureen suggested the self-publishing route to Lenke and chose Mystic Publishers in Henderson, NV. Self-publishing is losing its negative connotation. This is one book that deserves to be published. Once started, it’s hard to put down.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Initial Post-Friday, August 14, 2009

This is scary--writing my first post for my new blog: I've had a blog on my Web site,, for a year, but I felt I wasn't reaching enough people. I also have pages on my Web site I named Rising Writers. The intent was to offer suggestions to those who want to write for publication but need encouragement. I've decided to combine my blog and the Rising Writers pages and expand my focus.
On this blog I plan to:
  • review little-known, self-published books that deserve readership
  • review books by well-known authors
  • recommend other blogs and Web sites
  • highlight writers who have written a noteworthy piece
  • offer suggestions to Rising Writers so they can accomplish goals they set for themselves
  • present information that others can discuss, meditate upon and contact me about

I want to post a blog every seven-to-ten days. If I feel inspired, it will be more often! Inspiration--what every writer hopes for without sweat equity!

I am open to ideas, suggestions and opinions.

Enough for now. I'll return soon.