Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Seducing an Heiress" by Judy Teel

“Seducing an Heiress,” the first in Judy Teel’s ebook Cinderella Heiresses romance series, introduces Dakota Jamison as an independent woman who wants to achieve success on her own merits. Her domineering father needs her to promote the family business, but Dakota defies him and flees New York without leaving a trace.

She reappears in Harts Creek, Ohio as Dakota Johnson where she opens a small restaurant. The people embrace her and her recipes, but eight months into her new role, her father’s trusted employee, Trey Peters, tracks her down and intends to reunite her with her father. The dynamic, physical attraction between the two is in conflict with their individual goals. Despite their urge to fight this attraction, they cannot ignore it. Both are likable characters because they help other people as shown in their various encounters, yet they must make decisions that either cement or sever their relationship.

Teel has hit on a niche that has large appeal. Do wealthy heiresses want to develop a persona of their own? Teel takes the spoiled, rich girl image out of Dakota and shows that wanting to achieve success through your own efforts can be a universal truth. At the same time, Trey’s humanitarian goal shows that money doesn’t always solve a problem.

The clever twists in the story and careful weaving of subplots show that Teel is a creative novelist. Anyone with apprehensions about graphic sex scenes can skim those to get to the meat of the story. Cheers to Teel for creating memorable characters who are role models in romantic fiction.