Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sarra Cannon and Self-Publilshing

Sarra Cannon is phenomenal! Her story is an inspiration to struggling writers. She created a niche for herself by e-publishing her YA fantasy books: "Beautiful Demons," "Inner Demons" and "Bitter Demons." She has sold thousands of them, and she is willing to share how she began and how she continues to do it.

Sarra spoke at the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers meeting June 10 at the Southwest Regional Library in Durham, N.C. and urged those attending to consider self-publishing and e-publishing. She provided a step-by-step outline of how to accomplish the task and has the information on her Web site at

What is admirable about Sarra is her enthusiasm to help other writers. She understands the downside of writing and how discouraging the process of getting published can be. She offered an alternative to the traditional path to publishing. Based on the proliferation of tablets and e-readers, e-publishing will eventually take over the market. Now is the time to step in and form a readership with the e-crowd.   

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