Wednesday, June 1, 2011

North Brunswick Magazine and South Brunswick Magazine

Most people like to read about where they live, and Brunswick County, N.C. has two offerings that have attracted attention: North Brunswick Magazine, which appeared five years ago, and South Brunswick Magazine, which arrived almost three years ago. The brain child of publisher Justin Williams of Leland, N.C. at the north end of the county, the magazines caught on because they offer positive, upbeat articles about people, places and events in Brunswick County. Newspapers provide the negative; Williams provides the positive.

In the interest of public disclosure, I write for the magazines, but I have never met Williams. He has not asked me to write in favor of the magazines either. I live at the south end of the county in Ocean Isle Beach and enjoy writing about what's happening here, and I enjoy reading about the area as well.

Why two magazines? Brunswick County is massive with 1,050 square miles, almost as large as Cook County, IL where I used to live, which has 1,635 square miles. The north end often doesn't know what the south end is doing.

The format draws readers in: slick cover and pages, pictures with blurbs, creative layout and fascinating photography.  Some of the recent articles  in SBM include:
* The legendary Sunset Beach bridge
* The charisma of Calabash
* Jon David, the county's newly elected district attorney
* Kathryn Parker, Seaside United Methodist Church director of music ministries
* The new flight school at the airport in Oak Island

NBM features:
* The Sandman Adventure Race at Brunswick Nature Park near Town Creek
* Eulis A. Willis, mayor of Navassa
* Youth Art Day in Leland
* George and Laura Patterson of Leland, didn't retire, opened their own business, Mulch & More
* Jane and Liz Tageson, mother-daughter team, teach together at Leland Christian Academy

The magazines are available at various businesses and by direct mail.
Information about the magazines are at and

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