Thursday, December 1, 2011

Designate time for writing

How do people keep up with their writing schedules? I've fallen behind. I can't believe I haven't written a blog in more than a month. It happens that we had a death in the family since my last blog in October. My brother-in-law fell from a scaffold and died instantly. My sister is devastated. After 43 years of marriage, she's by herself. Two of her three children live within an hour and a half, so she's spend time with them.
The mourning process takes time and understanding.

I volunteer several hours a week, but it's a choice I've made. I love writing and had five assignments due this week. I met my deadlines. How can I finish the other writing assignments I've given myself?
It's a matter of designating time for them.

1) Make a schedule each day and keep to it.
2) Give yourself enough time to finish what you want to write.
3) Allow for delays and emergencies, e.g., an interview that goes past the allotted time; a call from a neighbor
    who needs help; a need to sit and rest.

I look forward to seeing my family over the Holidays. I'll make my writing schedule in January!

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