Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baked Salmon on Thanksgiving Day

I remember years ago when a friend of mine asked if I thought people would accept salmon as their Thanksgiving dinner instead of the traditional turkey. My first thought was that she was crazy. What citizen of the United States would want salmon instead of turkey? At the least, serve beef!

I hesitated and my blank stare prompted her to say that many people don't like turkey, and she had this huge salmon in her freezer that her husband had caught on a fishing trip that summer.

I told her I'd call the guests and find out from them if they would accept the nontraditional on the most traditional dinner day in America. She mentioned to a few guests before Turkey Day that she was serving salmon. Some gagged, but she went ahead and baked the "king of fish" anyway. She really wanted to get rid of the thing that took up too much room in her freezer.

After Thanksgiving, she said the people liked the change of menu, so if anyone is looking for a nontraditional entree such as salmon, go to Patricia Gambarelli's blog at www.patriciagambarelli.blogspot.com and get one of Pat's favorite recipes: "Baked Salmon with a Cranberry Crust."

What's great about the recipe is that it has the traditional Thanksgiving Day twist with the cranberry addition. It sounds easy and fast, so for the nontraditional celebrating a tradition, it might be the perfect entree.

To get more of what Pat's about, go to www.patriciagambarelli.com.

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