Saturday, October 23, 2010


What a phenomenal gathering I went to today. It was called "Scraptacular," a weekend retreat for people who scrapbook as a hobby. This bi-annual "crop" was in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and was hosted by Rayann Culp, owner of Scrapbooks by the Sea in Pawleys Island, and Linn Phillips, owner of Scrapbook Concepts in Florence, S.C. Eunice Alexander of MeMe's Scraps & Invitations in Hartsville. S.C. and Laurie Capps of Charleston Scrapbook Company in Summerville, S.C. were also there.

My daughter-in-law, Meghan, has scrapbooking as a hobby. She's given us several books, and we love them. It's a perfect way to be creative and to preserve heart-felt memories. I was covering the event for my story on scrapbooking. It's a huge topic. There's traditional, digital and hybrid scrapbooking. Then there's card making and other paper items to make, such as "pillow boxes," which are used for gift cards, cash or jewelry.

I label all my pictures and put them in photo albums, but what I do is primitive compared to scrapbookers. They use patterned, themed and colored paper. They add yarn, letters in all sizes and fonts and any other appropriate item. Most of the scrapbookers give the books as gifts. It's worth looking into as a hobby.

To read my story go to and type in my name: Jo Ann Mathews. That's the fastest way to get the story--but you have to wait. It won't appear until Nov. 4.

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