Tuesday, October 13, 2009


“I know recipes that work,” Patricia “Pat” Gambarelli told me.
That’s the kind of chef I like to be around!
PASTA FOR MEN ONLY is a collection of recipes with easy-to-follow directions, tasty dishes, and, as an added treat, some background information.
For example:
· “ Dos and Don’ts for Perfect Pasta” — 10 tips
· “Tomato—the Magical Fruit” — the nutritional value and more
· “Basil: King of the Realm” — history and facts about this herb, such as:
► Tear it don’t chop it
► Add it the last five minutes of cooking because heat destroys the sweet flavor

Each recipe has a brief introduction, e.g., page 20: Tomato Sauce with Sweet Sausage.
“I always look for sweet sausage that doesn’t contain fennel.” Pat tells more in four sentences. Fascinating!

What is remarkable about this slim, 124-page book is its numbered steps in the instructions. Pat has made cooking as simple as 1-2-3. Let’s take a peek.

Tomato Sauce with Sweet Sausage
1. In a large saucepan equipped with a cover, heat the oil.
2. Brown the sausage.
3. Add the pureed tomatoes and salt.
The instructions have 6 more steps. You are never left to wonder what to do.

Each of the recipes is paired with a suitable wine. This one suggest Zinfandel.

You can imagine that this book isn’t only for men. Women will love it, too.

You can read how the book came about, order the book and read Pat’s blog at her Web site: patriciagambarelli.com. You can e-mail her at letscook@atmc.net.


  1. This will come in very handy at my house not only with my husband, but with my 5 sons!!
    Thanks so much!

  2. I love that each is paired with a wine, since I never know which goes with what when entertaining!

    Sounds delish! And not complicated.

  3. Kelly, What a lot of pasta you have to make!
    Jo Ann

  4. Kat, Thanks so much for your comment. I'm sure Pat will appreciate it, too.
    Jo Ann

  5. Thanks to you and your followers for your kind words about my cookbook.
    Good luck, Jo Ann, encouraging writers.
    My best, Pat Gambarelli